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Hot Air Blower Hose and Fittings:

Hot Air Blower Hose:

Hot Air Blower Hose   Powertrack International's Hot Air Blower Hose has excellent heat resistance, making it ideal for transfering hot air between the air compressor and dry bulk tank or bulk material carriers.


Reinforcement: Two braids of high tensile textile cords and dual spiralled, highly flexible steel helical wires.
Cover: Heat abrasion, and ozone-resistant black EPDM rubber.
Tube: Black, heat-resistant EPDM rubber.
Couplings: Cam and Groove, pin lug, short shank couplings, or combination nipples.
Operating Temperatures: -40F to 350F.

Hot Air Blower Hose Specifications:

Part Number Hose I.D. (in.) Hose O.D. (in.) Working Pressure (psi) Plies of Rein. Approx. Weight lbs./ft.
PT110-32 2" 2.48" 150 6 1.0
PT110-48 3" 3.54" 150 9 1.6
PT110-64 4" 4.65" 150 12 2.2

Universal Couplings:

For Air and Water Service Only

Hose End

Hose End:

Size Brass Part # Malleable Iron
Part #
316 Stain. Steel Part #
1/2" PT-AB1 PT-AM1 PT-RAM1
5/8" PT-AB5 PT-AM5 ---
3/4" PT-AB6 PT-AM6 PT-RAM6
1" PT-AB11 PT-AM11 PT-RAM11

Male NPT

Male NPT End:

Size Brass Part # Malleable Iron
Part #
316 Stain. Steel Part #
1/4" PT-ABB1 PT-AMB1 ---
1/2" PT-AB2 PT-AM2 PT-RAM2
3/4" PT-AB7 PT-AM7 PT-RAM7
1" PT-AB12 PT-AM12 PT-RAM12

Female NPT

Female NPT End:

Size Brass Part # Malleable Iron
Part #
316 Stain. Steel Part #
1/4" PT-ABC1 PT-AMC1 ---
1/2" PT-AB3 PT-AM3 PT-RAM3
3/4" PT-AB8 PT-AM8 PT-RAM8
1" PT-AB13 PT-AM13 PT-RAM13

Triple Connector

Triple Connection:

Brass Part # Malleable Iron Part #

Universal Gasket

Universal Gaskets:

Description Part #
  • Same size for all couplings.
  • Temperature range: -20°F to +190°F.
  • Sold only in bags of 50.
  • Rubber PT-AWR4

    Safety Cable

    Safety Cable:

    Cable Part # Hose I.D. Length Max. W.P. PSI
    1/8" PT-WB1 1/2" to 1-1/4" 20-1/4" 325
    1/4" PT-WA2 1-1/2" to 3" 38-1/4" 200


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