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Butterfly Valve
150 # Short Neck

Powertrack International's Butterfly Valve is specially designed for oil and gas operations. The butterfly valve has a high CV slim disk design and blow out proof design. One of the most common valves, the butterfly valve can be used on fracing, water suction, water discharge, chemical and sandblasting hoses. The butterfly valve can also be found on oil and gas service trucks. The butterfly valve can be repaired simply and quickly in the field, and is interchangable with other major brands.

Actuator for the Short Neck Butterfly Valve.
Butterfly Valve
Butterfly Valve Parts


-Ductile iron body with standard short neck
-Natural red rubber seat with nylon coated DI disc; both are abrasion resistant
-Available with a lever handle
-Conforms to MSS-SP-67, MSS-SP-25, API-609
-Install between STD ANSI class 125/150

Butterfly Valve Diagram
Part Number 4030-905-LH
Size D4 D5 n1X Ød1 n2X Ød2 A B C D E F G
4" 3.25 2.76 4X Ø 0.394 4X Ø 0.413 4.2 6.0 1.260 2.1 2.0 0.638 10.8