Important Safety Information

Hose Installation

Correct and proper installation of all Powertrack International, LLC. hose products and components is vital to the operation and use of the products. Improper installation can result in serious bodily harm and/or property damage caused by flying projectiles or spraying fluids. To avoid bodily injury and property damage, it is necessary to carefully read the information in this catalog regarding hose installation. Some important factors are:

  • changes in length
  • elbows and adapters to relieve strain
  • protection from high temperature
  • rubbing or abrasion
  • twisting -improper hose movement
  • proper bend radius
  • using incorrect combinations of hoses and fittings

These factors and the other information in this catalog regarding hose installation should be carefully reviewed BEFORE installing the hose.

Hose Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the hose is essential to the safety of the hose and its components. Hoses should be stored in a dry place. They should be inspected visually before use. Any hose that has a cut or gouge in the cover that exposes the reinforcement should be retired from use. Hoses should also be inspected for kinking or for broken reinforcements. If a kink is found or the reinforcement is broken, the hose is no longer safe for use as the pressure caused by the kink may cause it to burst. Inadequate attention to hose maintenance can result in hose leakage, bursting, or other failure that can cause serious bodily harm or property damage. Further information on proper hose maintenance is described in the SAE Recommended Practices located on the following page.