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40K Safety Shrouds


Safety Shroud

Powertrack International's 40K Burst Safety Shroud is designed to protect the operator from hose failures while using hand-held waterblast devices. Our new Safety Shroud features an orange nitrile outer cover, which is water, oil, and soil-resistant. The inner material consists of multiple layers of high tensile-strength stainless steel braid and ballistic tubing.

Safety Shroud Features:

  • Independently tested to withstand 1/2" hose ruptures at 40,000 psi.
  • Designed so that all thread connections are contained within the Safety Shroud.
  • The standard adapter has a 9/16" through hole. Other connections available upon request.
  • Multiple layers of stainless steel braid and ballistic material.
Safety Shroud Fittings
  • Orange synthetic nitrile rubber cover.
  • 1.75" I.D.