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Double Jacketed
Contractor's Discharge Hose

SPECIAL PRICE: $42 Per Hose Assembly!!!

Powertrack International’s 1300 psi, 4-ply steel reinforced 4" and 5” ID Boom hoses are manufactured from factory cut 10 foot and 12.5 foot straight lengths (eliminating the bend inherent in hoses cut from rolled lengths), and coupled with either Heavy Duty or Metric end fittings and designed specifically for concrete applications, Powertrack’s use of factory cut straight sections of hose in the manufacturing process promotes an equal wear of end fittings.

Double Jacket Discharge Hose

While supplies last, Powertrack International is featuring our Double Jacketed Contractor’s Discharge Hose at the wholesale price of $42 per hose assembly. This Double Jacketed Contractor’s Discharge Hose is an extra heavy-duty, rubber lined hose. The two jackets allow for greater abrasion resistance and higher working pressures. The Double Jacketed Contractor’s Discharge Hose is coupled with permanently attached aluminum NST ends in 50 foot lengths.

Part Number Hose Size Inch Bowl Size Inch Service pressure (psi) Test Pressure (psi)
PT22-DJCD-40 2-1/2" 3" 200 400
Pittsburgh, PA
Houston, TX
Long Beach, CA