Powertrack International Specialty Hoses

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Pre-Made Red Air Hose Assemblies 3/4" Jackhammer Hose and 3/8" Red Air Hose:

Powertrack International's 3/4" Jackhammer Hose and 3/8" Red Air Hose are constructed with a smooth, seamless EPDM/NR black rubber tube and braided polyester reinforcement. Temperature range is -28F to +176F. Also available in yellow, blue, green, or gray.

3/4" Jackhammer Hose Specifications:

Part Number Size Working Pressure (psi) Description
PT14-RD300-12/50AM6 EE 3/4" 300 50' CPLD AM6 
*Air King Universal Couplings each end

3/8" Red Air Hose Specifications:

Part Number Size Working Pressure (psi) Description
PT14-RD300-6/1/4AMP50 3/8" 300 50' CPLD 1/4" 
NPT each end

Yellow Wire Braid Air Hose


Powertrack International's heavy-duty steel reinforced Yellow Wire Air Hose is designed for rough applications in mining quarried, and construction industries where extra stregth is needed to safely handle high pressure and high volume air requirements. Construction consists of a black smooth synthetic rubber tube which is heat and oil mist resistant. Reinforcements are high tensile steel wire and the cover is smooth yellow, long-lasting weather and abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber.

Part Number Hose I.D. (in.) Hose O.D. (in.) Working Pressure (psi) Plies of Rein. Approx.
Weight (lbs./ft.)
PT16-YWLAIR-08 1/2" 0.94" 1000 2 0.04
PT16-YWLAIR-12 3/4" 1.18" 1000 2 0.052
PT16-YWLAIR-16 1" 1.50" 1000 2 0.066
PT16-YWLAIR-20 1-1/4" 1.77" 800 2 0.106
PT16-YWLAIR-24 1-1/2" 2.08" 800 2 0.125
PT16-YWLAIR-32 2" 2.60" 600 2 0.153
PT16-YWLAIR-40 2-1/2" 3.15" 500 2 0.202
PT16-YWLAIR-48 3" 3.75" 500 2 0.246
PT16-YWLAIR-64 4" 4.85" 400 2 0.400

Hot Air Blower Hose

Powertrack International's Hot Air Blower Hose has excellent heat resistance, making it ideal for transfering hot air between the air compressor and bu tank or bulk material carriers.


Reinforcement: Two braids of high tensile textile cords and dual spiralled, highly flexible steel helical wires.
Cover: Heat abrasion, and ozone-resistant black EPDM rubber.
Tube: Black, heat-resistant EPDM rubber.
Couplings: Cam and Groove, pin lug, short shank couplings, or combination nipples.
Operating Temperatures: -40°F to 350°F.

Part Number Hose I.D. (in.) Hose O.D. (in.) Working Pressure (psi) Plies of Rein. Approx. Weight (lbs./ft.)
PT100-32 2" 2.48" 150 6 1.0
PT110-48 3" 3.54" 150 9 1.6
PT110-64 4" 4.65" 150 12 2.2