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Powertrack International Introduces
2" Integral Union Fittings

(Capable with 1502 & 602 Fittings)

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2 Integral Fitting
Hydraulic Special
40k Safety Shroud
Powertrack Boom Hose Special
Bulk Water Transfer Hose
Powertrack Double Jacketed Discharge Hose Special
Hammer Union Conversion Adapter
Hose Halter
Hose Spiral Guard
One Piece 4 Frac Fitting
Short Neck Butterfly Valve

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Powertrack News

September 09, 2014- US Boosts 2015 Oil Forecast As Shale Powers Push To 10 MMbpd
August 24, 2014- Tomblin Names River Drilling Price
April 16, 2014- Cameron Awarded Order for Blowout Preventer
Rigzone- How Does Blowout Control Work?
February 3, 2014- North Atlantic Drilling Orders BOP control systems from GE
December 27, 2013- Aftermath of PA Act 13 Ruling: Widespread Uncertainty
August 11, 2013- Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel
July 29, 2013- Initial Findings of the Department of Energy’s Study on Groundwater Contamination from Hydraulic Fracturing
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Attached Assembled Union

Unassembled Integral

Unassembled 3 piece

Detached Integrals

Integral Compare

Integrl Slide Show

2 Piece Fittings


Left Kelly Hose

Right Kelly Hose

Kelly Hose Fitted

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    Learn more about our Integral Union Fittings.    


New Fracking Regulations
Demands Frac Caps and Plugs

Designed to eliminate spillage while transporting your hoses. Our FRAC CAPS & PLUGS easily thread on the male or female FRAC HOSE ends. Available in 4”, 6” and 8” sizes in either Soft and Pliable or Hard Heavy Duty vinyl threaded constructions.


FP175 Finn Power Crimping Machine

Powertrack International has invested in the FP175 Finn Power Crimping Machines to further our capability to crimp large bore oilfield and gas drilling hoses and hydraulic hose assemblies. We believe that the additional ability to crimp these large bore oil and gas hose will assist energy exploration companies in the extraction and production of crude oil and natural gases.

Crimp Machine

Crimp Machine

Crimp Machine Preparation

Crimping Action Crimping Action Front Crimped Hose


Blow Out Proof Butterfly Valves & Actuators

Butterfly Valve Service truck

Powertrack International's Butterfly Valve is specially designed with a blow out proof high CV slim disk, specifically for oil and gas operations. Butterfly valves can supply dead-end service to help fracing, water suction, water discharge, chemical and sandblasting hoses.

Powertrack announces new butterfly valve actuators... read more.


"We market hose products that
Connect, Conduct and Convey
materials & fluids in motion."

Powertrack International Inc. was founded in 1974. We specialize in Hydraulic and Industrial Hose and Fittings products.

Positioned with facilities in Pennsylvania, California and Texas, our continued success is directly correlated to our primary interest: "Customer Satisfaction." Throughout our network of strategically located distributors, we are globally prepared to serve all your hose and fitting requirements.

Below you will find listed the product division of Powertrack International Inc. Please click on the links to view the specific product division information contained within:

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Oil Products Metric Products
Air Products Construction Products
Hydraulic Distribution Petroleum Products
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