Hydraulic & Industrial Hose and Fitting Products

"We market hose products that Connect, Conduct and Convey materials & fluids in motion."

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Located within the Marcellus Shale region, Powertrack International is able to conviently supply hose and fittings for the oil and gas drilling industry. Our specialty products include mud pump hoses, frac hoses, oil suction hoses, rotary suction hoses, kelly hoses, BOP hoses and our variety of hydraulic hoses and assemblies.

Industry News

New Fracking Regulations Demands Frac Caps and Plugs

Designed to eliminate spillage while transporting your hoses. Our FRAC CAPS & PLUGS easily thread on the male or female FRAC HOSE ends. Available in 4", 6" and 8" sizes in either soft and pliable, or hard heavy duty vinyl threaded constructions.

Frac Caps and Plugs

Ask us about our hose testing!

Powertrack International has the capacity to test most hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies. Our capacity includes the very small hydralic hoses up to the very large oilfield hose assemblies. These also include tank truck hose assemblies, chemical suction hose assemblies, and water suction hose assemblies.

Let us help you design a corporate testing strategy that includes hose marking and identification, and periodic test scheduling.